Friday, April 14, 2006

March and April Heyer Book List

  In March I forgot to list what we were reading on the Heyer List.  We read FALSE COLOURS and HELEN.  I didn't actaully read either, though!  Ha!  I'd re-read FC recently, so I just followed along in the discussion.  I didn't get a copy of HEL until right at the end of the month, so I saved all the discussions about it, but didn't read them.  I didn't want them to spoil it.  I will of course, read it now, and I will write about it in here when its turn comes.

In April we are reading.......what else, but......APRIL LADY!  That was one of the first Heyer's I ever read and have re-read it alot, because it was always carried in the local library.  But I really can't say it is a top favorite.  So far the discussion has been good, because so many Heyer readers don't like it and those who do are fiercely loyal to it.  More on AL when its turn comes, as well.

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