Saturday, April 8, 2006

From My Audio Shelves


                   by Catherine Coulter

          I have read Catherine Coulter before and like her.  She is a very prolific author and her novels cover several different genres.  ELEVENTH HOUR is one of the audio books in my collection at work.  I have also read it, and I think the audio version is not quite as good because it is abridged; but it's still a good "listen" if you like audio books while you drive or work.

ELEVENTH HOUR is the seventh in Coulter's FBI series.  The main character is Special Agent Dane Carver, whose twin brother has just been murdered.  Father Michael Joseph, while hearing a midnight confession, has been shot in the head.  There is, unknown to the killer, a witness; a seemingly homeless girl named Nicki.  Dane and Nicki team up to try to find the killer and discover that the murder eerily mirrors a newly aired television program.  Everyone connected with the tv show becomes a suspect.  There is also a connection to a series of unsolved murders form the seventies.

A secondary story line is the true identity of Nicki and what she's running from.  When the first murder is finally put to rest at the end of the book, we find that there is still some suspense -- another murder(s) to be solved dealing with Nicki's story.

The story line is good and there are lots of surprises.  In neither storyline is it obvious who the murderer is -- I like it when they keep you guessing.  The FBI agents from her previous novels, Savitch and Sherlock, are here as secondary main characters, and I've always liked them. 

All in all it is a good read, although, like I said, the actual novel is better than the abridged audio.

ELEVENTH HOUR was published by Putnam in July 2002.  The audio book I have is a Brilliance audio release on cassette, abridged.  The unabridged version is also available on cassette and on CD.

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