Tuesday, January 8, 2008

From My Mystery Shelves . . .


by Robyn Page

       Published in 2000

This is one of my favorite paperback mysteries on my shelves.  I got it the year it came out, and I believe I have read it three times since then.

Robin Paige is the pseudonym of the husband and wife writing team of Susan Wittig Albert and Bill Albert.  This is as yet the only book by Paige that I have read, and I really must remedy that situation!

From the Berkely Prime Crime web site: "Sir Charles Sheridan is many things––an amateur scientist, a renowned photographer, a skilled detective, and married to Kate Ardleigh, an American writer of the popular, yet frowned upon, 'penny dreadfuls.' Together with the help of historical figures, like Beatrix Potter, they uncover sinister secrets and solve murders."

In Death At Whitechapel the historical figure is Jenny Jerome Churchill, mother of Winston Churchill.  Scandal is threatening Winston's blossoming political career by someone who threatens to have proof that Winston's father was Jack the Ripper.  In order to help Jenny, Kate and her husband must delve into the mystery of the notorious murderer, discovering along the way a web of intrigue that goes all the way to the Royal family.

The Alberts use research that actually had been done that connects Jack the Ripper to Churchill, to Queen Victoria's son, "Eddie", and others, as well as the society of Freemasons.  I found the book intriguing, and have to say that in my opinion, of all the "Jack" theories out there, this one sounds the most plausible to me.

Check this one out at your local library and indulge in a thoroughly good read.  You won't be able to put it down. 

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