Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Someday I'll Laugh About This

From My "Young Adult" Shelves



I bought this book at a library sale.  I don't believe I've ever read anything else by this author, but the blurb on the book jacket got my attention, and I'm glad it did.

This is the story of a 12-year old girl who can't wait to get to the family's cottage on the Oregon coast for the yearly vacation with her cousins.  This is a very sweet, coming-of-age book, that describes the simple pains and pleasures of being on the cusp of adulthood.

Her favorite cousin, one year older than herself, has changed out of recognition, mooning over a boyfriend and making friends with the daughter of the despised developer who threatens to change the coastal scenery the family has enjoyed for more than two generations.  Her favorite uncle is coming to visit and bringing someone "special" with him, whom Shelby does not want to meet at all.

The book is fast-paced, with a family of funny characters, and all of the angst of growing up and having to face those inevitable changes.  Linda Crew writes about her inspiration for the book here.  I really enjoyed it, and look forward to my daughter reading it.

Someday I'll Laugh About This was published in 1990 by Delacorte Press, part of Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc.

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